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Can I send invitations by text message?
I sent a test email / invitation, but never received it. Why is that?
Can I add phone numbers to invite people by text?
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Help! I got an error message!
My guests cannot register! They are getting an error message that their email is not recognized!
I only have an email address for my guest. Can I still send them an invitation?It's possible to invite a guest via EventCreate if you only have their email!
Not all of my invitees are allowed to bring a guest. Can I still use EventCreate?
I need to cancel or postpone my event. What do I do?
My website changes aren't saving!Are you using a or tinyurl link? If so, we can help!
I've upgraded from a free plan to a paid plan, but still have EventCreate branding on my site. Why is that?Sounds like you want to whitelabel your event page - no problem!
When I export my Attendee List as .csv file, it opens in a web browser! How do I download the file?
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The event text is blocking my face! How can I move the text or edit the image?
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