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Can guests change their RSVP? Can I manually add to my Attendee List?
Can guests change their RSVP? Can I manually add to my Attendee List?
Written by Rich Saethang
Updated over a week ago

At this time, guests cannot change their RSVP - only the event coordinator can change a response. However, we're planning to update this very soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please follow these steps to change an RSVP or manually add a registration:

Change an RSVP:

To update information other than Attending/Not Attending, manually edit details in the Attendee List:

  1. Go to the Event Dashboard menu, click on Attendee List, and search for your guest.

  2. Then, click on View/Manage to edit registration form questions, like email, photo, and custom questions.

To completely change an RSVP (ie: update attending status, change ticket type, cancel registration, change date of ticket, etc.):

  1. Go to the Event Dashboard menu, then click on Track > Reports > Orders/Registration.

  2. Search for the RSVP you need to change, delete the order, then ask the guest to register again. This ensures BOTH the Attendee List and the Orders/Registrations report are updated.

If you are using RSVP registration, be sure to add the guest's email back to your Attendee List so they can register via the event website.

Add an RSVP:

To manually add a guest:

  1. Open your event website and register online with the guest's information. This will provide them with an order number and/or ticket number. If you add their email address, they will also receive a confirmation email with PDF ticket, if enabled.

Please note: if you manually add an attendee via the Attendee List import or Quick Add, no order or ticket number will be issued.

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