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How to create a website and collect rsvps
How to create a website and collect rsvps

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Step 1: Click the “Create New Event” button.

Step 2: Next, choose a Design Template.

Step 3: Then, complete your Event Details.

Step 4: Answer Other Setup questions.

Please note: public access means anyone on the internet can find your event and private access means only those who have your event’s web address/URL can find your event.

Step 5: Then, customize your Event Website.

  • Update featured image

  • Update event description

  • Add or delete sections/content blocks

Step 6: Next, save and exit the Website Editor to set up your registration.

Step 7: Set up your Registration Type.

EventCreate offers four registration options:

  • Simple Registration: the easiest registration type for free events because anyone with website access can reply.

  • RSVP Registration: a more private registration type for free events because it requires the event coordinator to upload names and email addresses for verification. Guests can reply only if they are on the list.

  • Ticketed Registration: the registration type for any event for which you want attendees to receive a ticket. Guests can purchase free or paid tickets.

  • Multi-Event Registration: a registration type best suited for larger, more complex events that are held over many days or on multiple dates/times. Please note: multi-event registration requires a premium subscription.

Step 8: Customize Form Questions, Confirmations, and Notifications:

  • Form Questions: Add custom form questions to collect additional biographical or event-specific information. Note: adding custom form questions requires a premium subscription.

  • Confirmations: Customize the confirmation web page and confirmation email with event-specific information. Note: customizing confirmations requires a premium subscription.

  • Notifications: Receive notifications when guests RSVP for your event. Note: receiving notifications requires a premium subscription.

Don't forget to customize your Design/Text and Advanced Options:

  • Design/Text: Update registration page heading, text, and logo. Note: updating the registration page requires premium subscription.

  • Advanced: Choose to issue PDF tickets, update country and time zone, and disable registration. Additional advanced options are available for premium subscribers.

Step 10: Then, Publish Event:

  • Click the purple Publish Event button at the top of the screen. Then, the event is live and accessible to your guests.

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