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Managing events with multiple registrations or multiple RSVPs
Managing events with multiple registrations or multiple RSVPs

So you’re hosting multiple events or you have a single event but need to collect multiple RSVPs? No problem - let’s help you get set up!

Written by Mark Bushy
Updated over a week ago

There are a few ways to do this. We’ll walk you through your options here:

Option A: Custom Form Questions

Custom form questions allow your attendees to indicate which “subevents” they plan to attend during the registration process by checking-off/selecting the subevents on the registration form.

Custom form questions is best suited for smaller or personal events where there are only a few options available and where attendees often choose to attend multiple subevents.

But, with this option, you can also limit an individual to register for just ONE event if you make the Field Type: Multiple Choice.

Option B: Ticket Types

Alternatively, you can create a ticket type for each subevent. This option is very common if you need to control inventory (i.e. there is a maximum number of attendees that may attendee each event) or charge per subevent.

Option C: Multi-Event Registration

Multi-event registration allows your attendees to browse date/times during the registration process. They can select their preferred date/time to continue with buying tickets or registering for a given event.

Multi-event registration is best suited for larger, more complex events that are held over many or multiple dates/times. In particular, this registration type is best for events in which attendees typically select one date/time that they plan to attend (vs selecting multiple date/times).

Option D: Multiple Registration Forms (advanced)

If you need a more advanced setup, you can easily create multiple registration forms–and then link to each of these forms separately. This is a great option if your events are very distinct (i.e. attendees and vendors) and registration is entirely separate.

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