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How to send PDF tickets after approving pending attendees
How to send PDF tickets after approving pending attendees
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If you are choosing to mark all newly registered attendees as Pending and then send out PDF tickets once approved, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn off the Issue PDF ticket option during the registration window. This setting is under Setup > Registration > Advanced.

  2. Then, once the attendee is approved, check the Issue PDF Tickets option.

  3. Next, send confirmation emails individually. To send a copy of the confirmation, including PDF ticket, go to your Event Dashboard, then Track > Reports > Orders/Registration. Choose the attendee's order number, then click on Resend PDF in the upper right corner of the Order screen.

  4. If your registration is ongoing, we recommend unchecking the Issue PDF Tickets after issuing tickets to approved guests. Then, new guests will not receive their tickets until approved.

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