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How to make an attendee a VIP
How to make an attendee a VIP
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If you are expecting VIPs at your event and want to note their status in your Attendee List, we have a feature called admin-only custom form questions.

This will allow you to add custom form data to an attendee via the Event Dashboard and then sort by that data in your reports.


1. Create a custom form question:

2. Then, under "Show Advanced Options" go to Question Visibility and check Event Admin Only.

3. Next, go to Attendee List > Edit Attendee and click on the attendee name you want to edit. Then, you can fill out the custom question and use that as a tag to label your attendee.

4. You can export all registration fields, including the custom form answer, into a .csv file and sort or filter your attendee list as needed. For instructions:

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