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How do I print my attendee list?
How do I print my attendee list?
Written by Rich Saethang
Updated over a week ago

To print your Attendee List (includes Attending, Not Attending, and Not Yet Responded guests) or Attendees Report (includes only Attending guests), you'll need to go under the Track heading in your Event Dashboard.

Click on either Attendee List or the Reports heading to find your preferred information. Then, click on the ". . ." and choose Export List as Spreadsheet.

This will generate a CSV file which you can open in a spreadsheet program or import to a webapp like Google Sheets.

When you click export, it will open a new browser page. Click on the Download Now button and save your report.

If you are using Safari as a browser, you will need to take some extra steps to save as a CSV:

  1. Once the file is displayed in your Safari browser, go to File > Save As…

  2. In the next prompt, change Format to Page Source

  3. Update the file name as needed and add ".csv” as the file extension in the file name

  4. Click Save

Once saved, you can then open your Attendee List or Attendee Report in your chosen spreadsheet program.

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