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Track and manage attendees
Track and manage attendees

Track and manage your attendees. See who's registered and who hasn't.

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Using the Attendee List will help you see who's registered for your event and who hasn't.

There are a couple of ways to use your Attendee List:

  1. to track all invited guests, including those who have not replied to your invitation, or

  2. to track registered guests only

To track all invited guests, send your invitations through the EventCreate email module by following the steps at

To track registered guests only, publish your event and collect your registrations, RSVPs, or ticket purchases.

In the Attendee List, we have the following classifications or statuses:

  • All: includes all categories listed below

  • Attending: includes guests who have responded Yes to your event

  • Not Attending: includes guests who have responded No to your event

  • Not Yet Responded: includes guests who have been invited via EventCreate but haven't yet replied

  • Not Yet Invited: includes guests who have not yet received an invitation via EventCreate

  • Incomplete Registration: includes guests who abandoned their registration before entering credit card information

  • Pending: includes guests who need to be approved before attending your event

If you're using Ticketed Registration, you can find these classifications by clicking on the “…” tab.

You can manually update an attendee’s status by going to the Attendee List, viewing your attendee’s profile, and choosing Edit Attendee to change their status.

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