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How to set up Multi-Event Registration
How to set up Multi-Event Registration
Written by Mark Bushy
Updated over a week ago


1. Go to Setup > Registration and choose Multi-Event Registration.

2. We’ve gotten you started with a General Admission sub-event. Click on General Admission to update your sub-event details.

3. Update the Sub-Event Name, Description (if needed), and Status.

Tip: if your event is being held over multiple days, we recommend including the date in the ticket name for easy identification.

4. Update the Date, Time, and Location.

5. Update the Price, Quantity, and Registration Close Date & Time.

6. Click on Show Advanced Options to display additional sub-event settings.

  • Clicking the checkbox next to Show Spots Remaining will display how many spots are available for purchase on the checkout page.

  • Clicking the checkbox next to Show Price on Ticket will display the price on the checkout page.

  • Maximum refers to the maximum number an attendee can buy.

  • Minimum refers to the minimum number an attendee can buy.

  • Interval refers to the ticket grouping an attendee can buy (ie: groups of 2, 5, 8, etc).

7. Then, click the “Save Now” button.

8. To create additional sub-events, click the Add New button and repeat steps 1-7. Or use the Duplicate button to copy subevent settings.

Tip: some users prefer to collect an attendee name for each sub-event; others prefer to collect a contact name for all sub-events (Attendees). By default, your data collection is set to collect a name per ticket / sub-event (Registrant Only). If you wish to change that, please follow the steps below.

Change Data Collection Method

1. Go to Setup > Registration > Advanced.

2. Scroll down to Data Collection.

3. Choose Registrant Only if you wish to collect a contact name for all tickets / sub-events.

Tip: if you choose to change your data collection method and using custom form questions, please confirm that the questions are still being applied by going to Setup > Registration > Form Questions; then clicking the custom question. Choose Show Advanced Option and select which ticket / attendee type the question applies to.

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