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How to sell tickets and collect payments
How to sell tickets and collect payments

Selling tickets to your event? Here's how!

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Sell Tickets

1. Go to Setup > Registration and choose “Ticketed Registration”.

2. We’ve gotten you started with a General Admission ticket. Click on General Admission to update your ticket details.

3. Update the Ticket Name, Description (if needed), and Ticket Status. If the ticket status is inactive, it will not be displayed on your website.

4. Update the Ticket Pricing, Ticket Quantity, and Registration Close Date & Time.

5. Click on “Show Advanced Options” to display additional ticket settings.

Clicking the checkbox next to “Show Spots Remaining” will display how many tickets are available for purchase on your website.

  • Maximum refers to the maximum number of tickets an attendee can buy.

  • Minimum refers to the minimum number of tickets an attendee can buy.

  • Interval refers to a ticket grouping an attendee can buy (ie: groups of 2, 5, 8, etc).

6. Then, click the “Save Now” button.

7. To create additional tickets, click the “Add New Ticket” button and repeat steps 1-6.

Collect Payments

1. Once you have set up your tickets, the next step is to set up your Payments. Go to Setup, then Payments and click the “Activate Payments” button.

2. The “Activate Payments” button will take you to Stripe’s website in order to create a new account or connect an existing account.

You do not need to be a business to set up an account with Stripe. Just choose “Individual” from the Type of Business dropdown menu, if applicable.

If setting up Stripe as an Individual, you will need to enter your Legal Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security number.

Businesses and Non-Profits will need an EIN for setup.

Both Individuals and Businesses/Non-Profits will need to provide bank routing and account numbers.

3. Once your Stripe account is connected to your EventCreate account, you will see a confirmation screen.

4. Once you publish your event, you’re ready to sell tickets!

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