There are a few ways to collect guest or plus one information during registration.

With Simple Registration or RSVP Registration, go to your Event Dashboard menu. Click on Setup > Registration, then scroll down and check "My attendees may bring guests." Here, you can set the number of guests that an invitee may bring event-wide.

To specify guests per invitee, go to the Event Dashboard menu, and click on Attendee List. Upload your invitation list, then, click on the attendee. Select View/Manage > Edit Attendee to update the number of guests that specific invitee can bring to the event.

With Ticketed or Multi-Event Registration, ensure that someone is able to purchase multiple tickets or register for multiple sub-events by going to the Tickets / Sub-Events tab.

Then, click on Show Advanced Options and confirm the following settings:

  • maximum is set to 2 or higher

  • minimum is set to 0

  • interval is set to 1

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