Once you set up donations for your event, you can create a ticket type and name it Donation Only or Donation in Lieu of Attendance so guests can donate even when they are unable to attend your event. They will be able to enter their donation amount upon checkout.


Step 1: Go to your Event Dashboard, then Registration > Setup under the Setup heading. Uncheck My Attendees May RSVP No/Not Attending, so that guests are unable to RSVP no to your event.

Step 2: Click on the Tickets tab and click the Add New Ticket button

Step 3: Create a Donation Only / Donation in Lieu of Attendance ticket

Step 4: Under that Ticket Type, scroll down and click on Show Advanced Options. Under Maximum, change to 1. This will allow a drop down menu of only “1” to appear at checkout.

Step 5: To save, click “Save Now”

Below is where guests can enter their Donation Amount when they checkout:

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