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Set up your registration / rsvp
Set up your registration / rsvp

Simple? RSVP? Ticketed? Multi-Event? Which registration type is right for you?

Written by Rich Saethang
Updated over a week ago



When you set up an event, you have several registration options from which to choose: Simple, RSVP, Ticketed or Multi-Event Registration.

Ticketed: Any events where you want attendees to receive a ticket, whether free or paid. For example: concerts, workshops, expos, conferences, online seminars, etc.

Simple: An easy registration option where you can capture guest details (name, email, phone, custom questions, etc.)

RSVP: RSVP Registration is ideal for private or invitation only events. Only people invited through EventCreate or on a pre-uploaded guest list, can access the event website and reply.

Multi-Event: Multi-Event Registration allows your attendees to select multiple date/times available before "checking out". Multi-event registration is best for more complex events or events with multiple dates/times. In particular, this registration type is best for events in which attendees typically select one date/time that they plan to attend (vs selecting multiple date/times).


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