We have an Add-On feature available which allows you to sell additional items, such as merchandise, meals, bonus events, etc. Add-ons appear as additional options on your registration form and are included as the final step of registration.

Please note: the Add-On feature is not available for guests who are not attending.


Step 1: Go to your Event Dashboard and click on Payments

Step 2: Click on the tab: Add-ons

Step 3: Click on “New add-on” button

Step 4: Fill in Add-on Fields and when finished, click on “Create Add-on”

Please note: Add-ons will appear on the registration form in the order they are entered. Make sure to enter them in the preferred order you want the items to be displayed.


Add-ons appear as secondary options on your form and are presented to your attendees as the final step of registration.

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