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Multi-event registration vs. custom form questions
Multi-event registration vs. custom form questions
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Hosting an event with multiple date/times or an event with multiple subevents? There are two different options for organizing these types of events:

  1. Multi-Event Registration

  2. Custom form questions

This article will help you examine the differences between these two options.

About Multi-Event Registration

Multi-event registration allows your attendees to browse date/times during the registration process. They may select their preferred date/time to continue with buying tickets or registering for a given event.

Multi-event registration is best suited for larger, more complex events that are held over multiple dates/times. In particular, this registration type is best for events in which attendees typically select one date/time that they plan to attend (vs selecting multiple date/times).

Examples of events where Multi-Event Registration works best:

You’re planning a class/workshop with multiple date/time options.

You’re hosting a weekly event and would like to ask attendees which week they’d like to attend.

About Custom Form Questions

Custom form questions allow your attendees to indicate which subevents they plan to attend during the registration process by checking-off/selecting the subevents on the registration form.

Custom form questions is best suited for smaller or personal events where there are only a few options available and where attendees often choose to attend multiple subevents.


You’re planning a wedding and would like to ask guests if they are attending the reception, ceremony or both.

You’re hosting a trip has two different dates and you’d like to determine which date your guests will attend.

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