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Add custom form questions to your registration / rsvp form
Add custom form questions to your registration / rsvp form

Need additional information from your guests? Here's how to add custom questions to your registration form.

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1. Go to your Event Dashboard, then click on Setup, under the Registration heading.

2. Click on the Form Questions tab.

3. Click on the Add Custom Question button.

4. Add your question details and choose a Response Field Type.

5. Click on Show advanced options to include a description or to apply the question to an Attendee or a Ticket type.

Please note: if you add a new ticket type after setting up the custom form, return to this custom form and apply the question to your additional ticket type(s).

6. Once added, you will see the custom question appear during the registration process.

Please note: if you are collecting No/Not Responding RSVPs, your custom questions will appear on the second page of your registration form, once guests have confirmed their attendance.


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