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How to create a seating chart
How to create a seating chart
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1. First, go to Tools > Seating Charts.

2. Next, click on Add Table.

Once selected, you can choose from Round, Rectangle, and Square.

3. Once a table has been added, you'll be able to name the table, choose the number of seats, and rotate if needed.

4. On the right side of your screen, you'll see a list of unassigned guests.

5. To assign guests to a table, drag their name to a seat.

Or, choose to auto-assign in the table settings. This will auto-assign any unassigned guests to the selected table.

6. To remove guests from a table, click on their initials and drag back to the Unassigned list.

In addition to guest tables, you can add features like a stage, bar, or podium.

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