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How to set up a fundraising event site
How to set up a fundraising event site
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Set Up Website

Step 1: Click the “Create New Event” button.

Step 2: Next, choose a Design Template.

The Endurance template under the Non-Profit Events heading is great for purpose-driven fundraising!

Step 3: Then, complete your Event Details.

Step 4: Answer Other Setup questions.

We recommend selecting Public for open events and Private for by invitation only events.

Step 5: Then, customize your Event Website.

  • Update the featured image by uploading your own image or choosing an image from our free image library

  • Update the event description to include the day(s), time(s), and location(s) of your fundraising event

  • Add or delete sections / content blocks.

    For example, the Endurance template includes the following sections:

    • Navigation Menu

    • Banner

    • Call to Action

    • Event Details

    • Event Description

    • Sponsors

    Other sections you may want to include are:

Step 6: Next, save your edits and exit the Website Editor to set up your registration.

Set Up Registration

Step 1: Choose a Registration Type under Setup tab

  • Simple Registration: the easiest registration type for free events because anyone with website access can reply.

  • RSVP Registration: a more private registration type for free events because it requires the event coordinator to upload email addresses for verification. Guests can reply only if their email is on the list.

  • Ticketed Registration: the registration type for any event for which you want attendees to receive a ticket. Guests can purchase free or paid tickets.

  • Multi-Event Registration: a registration type best suited for larger, more complex events that are held over many days or on multiple dates/times. Please note: multi-event registration requires a Business or Enterprise subscription.

We recommend Simple Registration for any free reunion and Ticketed Registration for any paid reunion, whether collecting an overall registration fee or charging per event fees.

Note: If your school reunion event includes multiple activities with various prices per event, we recommend setting up two tickets - one for "Reunion Registration - Alum" and one for "Reunion Registration - Guest" - and listing all additional events under the Add-Ons section. This setup is ideal if you are using the "Who's Coming" section on your website.

Step 2: Customize Registration Form under Form Questions tab

  • Included with all subscriptions is the ability to collect Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Attendee Photo.

  • To collect additional biographical or event-specific information, add custom form questions. For example, collect dietary restrictions, mailing address, brief bio, baby photo, etc.

Step 3: Customize Confirmations under Confirmations tab

  • Included with all subscriptions is the confirmation message "Thank you for your response. Your response has been sent to the event organizer."

  • Update the confirmation web page text and confirmation email text with event-specific information.

  • We recommend including a contact name, contact email, and/or contact phone number in the confirmation language (ie: For event-specific questions, please contact Jane Doe at [email protected] or 123-456-7890.)

Step 4: Customize Notifications

  • Receive notification emails when guests register or RSVP for your event. This feature requires a premium subscription.

Step 5: Customize your Design/Text Options under the Design/Text tab

  • Design/Text: Update registration page heading, text, and logo. Note: updating the registration page requires a Business or Enterprise subscription.

Step 6: Customize your Advanced Options under the Advanced tab

  • Advanced: Choose to issue PDF tickets, update country and time zone, and disable registration. Additional advanced options are available for Business or Enterprise subscribers.

Set Up Payments (if applicable)

Step 1: Once you have set up your tickets, the next step is to set up your Payments. Go to Setup, then Payments and click the “Activate Payments” button.

Step 2: The “Activate Payments” button will take you to Stripe’s website in order to create a new account or connect an existing account.

You do not need to be a business to set up an account with Stripe. Just choose “Individual” from the Type of Business dropdown menu, if applicable.

If setting up Stripe as an Individual, you will need to enter your Legal Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security number.

Businesses and Non-Profits will need an EIN for setup.

Both Individuals and Businesses/Non-Profits will need to provide bank routing and account numbers.

Step 3: Once your Stripe account is connected to your EventCreate account, you will see a confirmation screen.

Step 4: Once you publish your event, you’re ready to sell tickets to your reunion!

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