Accepting offline payments
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If you'd like to accept an offline or alternate payment method to credit cards, you can enable Offline Payments. Common offline payment examples include: Cash, Check, Invoice, Pay at the Door, PayPal, or cash app.


1. Go to your Event Dashboard and choose Payments under the Setup heading:

2. Then, go to the Offline Payment tab:

3. Check the Accept Offline Payment checkbox and complete the Offline Payment Method and Payment Description:

4. Then, select if you want to accept credit card and offline payments or just offline payments with the radio button:

5. Save changes by clicking the Edit Offline Payments button:

Please note: if you are issuing PDF tickets, they will be issued to anyone who registered whether they are paying online or offline. You will need to follow up with anyone who is paying offline to collect payment. We recommend including language in your confirmation email that says "This ticket is not valid until payment is received."

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