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Can I add music to my event page?
Can I add music to my event page?
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We do not support adding music files at this time.

However, it is possible to embed music via a YouTube link, Vimeo link, or other music player.

When adding a video, make sure to add the full url format - - not the shortened version.

For Vimeo videos, make sure the video is public so that it is viewable to all website viewers.


Step 1: Go to the Website Editor, by clicking on Setup > Website

Step 2: Click on Edit Webste

Step 3: To add a video inline, you can hover over where you want to add the video, and by clicking on the plus in the toolbar, it will give you an option to add Video, Images, Text, etc. Select Video

Step 4: Click on the video player for this pop up box to appear:

Step 5: Add in the youtube or vimeo link. Make sure to add the full url format: (NOT:

Step 6: Click “Save and Update”

Step 7: To save changes, click Save Website > Save and Continue Editing

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