You can embed new code or edit existing HTML code through the Website Editor.

If you would like to add custom html, when selecting and hovering elements on the editor, there will be a code icon (“</>”) that will allow you to go to html mode to make adjustments.

For advanced users, to add custom CSS or custom Javascript to your page, go to the Website Editor then click Settings > Custom CSS (Advanced) at the top of the page.

If you’re having trouble adding an iframe, it could be that your iframe isn’t recognized by EventCreate - and is blocked for security purposes. If that happens, please send over the iframe code and we can whitelabel it!

If you want us to add an iframe on your behalf, we require an Enterprise-level subscription. Please contact us to upgrade to get your event ready for launch!


Step 1: From the Event Dashboard, click on Website:

Step 2: Click Edit Website to access Website Editor

Step 3: Hover over the area where you want to add the code, until the “+” icon appears. You can hover over any area of your website until the “+” sign appears to add code anywhere throughout your site.

Step 4: Click on “</>” to Edit the HTML:

Step 4: A pop up EDIT HTML text box will appear for you to add edit the HTML code.

Step 5: Click Update HTML to save the HTML code.

Step 6: To Save, click Save Website

Step 7: To preview, click on: Preview Website as a Guest


To add custom CSS or Javascript code, in Website Editor, click on Settings

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