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How to add a photo gallery
How to add a photo gallery
Written by Rich Saethang
Updated over a week ago

1. To add a Photo Gallery to your site, first go to your Event Dashboard and choose Setup > Website.

2. Then, click the Galleries tab.

3. Then, click Add New Gallery, give your Gallery a name, and click Create New Gallery.

4. Click on the name of your Gallery to add images, then click the Add New Image button.

5. Next, upload your photo, add a caption, and click Save Image.

You can upload images via camera, computer, Facebook, Google Photos, Dropbox, etc.

And, you can reorder your photos by clicking on the two lines and dragging your photos up or down.

6. Once you’ve added all photos to your Photo Gallery, then go to Setup > Website, then click the Edit Website button.

7. Add a new section to your page by clicking on the teal plus sign that appears between the sections where you want to add your Photo Gallery.

8. Then, choose the Photo Gallery content block from the dropdown menu and click to add to your site. All photos from your Photo Gallery will appear here.

9. To change the size or layout of your Photo Gallery, choose Edit from the pop-up menu.

After making changes, click the Refresh Gallery button.

10. That’s it! Now you have a personalized Photo Gallery on your event website!

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