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How do I disconnect or change my Stripe account?
How do I disconnect or change my Stripe account?
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1. Go to and choose Stripe Payments.

2. Next, click the More menu (. . .) and select Disconnect Stripe.

3. A confirmation pop-up box will appear. To confirm, click OK.

4. To connect a new Stripe account, click Connect Stripe.

5. Then, you will be directed to Stripe to set up your payment account.

A EIN or SSN is required to connect to Stripe in the US, plus bank routing and account numbers. When you're done, you will be redirected back to EventCreate--and then you're ready to go!

6. When your account is connected, you'll see a Payments Activated screen.

Please note that Stripe will need to verify banking information prior to accepting payments.

7. You can also confirm that your account is connected when your Payment Status is Active.

If you see an error on EventCreate that Stripe needs more information, please log into Stripe account to provide additional details requested.

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