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Send invites or other emails
Send invites or other emails

Sending your invitations through EventCreate? We can help!

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1. To create a new email template, go to Email/Invites under the Share heading.

2. Next, go to the Templates tab.

If you haven't set up a template, then click the Create New Template button.

3. In the Create New Template screen, you can update your Email Subject, Email Text, and add a Logo or Main Image.

To direct replies to a specific email address other than your account email address, update the email under Email Address.

4. Once you have your templates set up, go to the Templates tab and click Send New Email.

You'll have the option to send the email now or to schedule the email to send later.

Please note: the send later feature is for premium Business or Enterprise users. If you need to upgrade, you can do so at

5. Then, select an email template. You can preview the template using the eye icon to the right.

6. Next, select recipients. To show more categories, click on Show More Options.

7. Finally, confirm the email template, who the email is going to, and when the email will be sent. If all looks good, click the Send Email button.

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