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How to set up your QR Code Scanner
How to set up your QR Code Scanner
Written by Mark Bushy
Updated over a week ago

You’ve now been approved for beta access to our new QR Code scanner! Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to get setup.

Please note: while we have thoroughly tested this scanner, that this scanner is still in beta testing. As a result, you may experience some bugs. We highly encourage you to prepare to use our Manual Mode as a backup check-in method, in case of any unexpected bugs or issues.

1. Purchase your QR scanner

Scanner mode works with most commercially-available QR code scanners. Though, we highly recommend using the Tera QR Barcode Scanner Wireless, which is available for purchase on for $43.00. You may purchase it here.

2. Connect your QR scanner to your computer

Connect your scanner to your computer or device. You may connect via USB cord or via Bluetooth.

3. Ensure your browser tab is active

After you've connected your scanner to your computer, ensure the browser tab is active. When you see the following message, you are ready to scan!

Note that if your browser tab is not active, you will see the following message:

4. You are ready to scan

You are now ready to scan! Scan your first ticket to get started. Note that you may need to click the scanner "trigger" a few times to enable the device.

5. We want your feedback!

As this feature is in beta testing, we are actively gathering feedback. If have any feedback, suggestions, or if you encounter any issues, please send us a note at [email protected]. Thank you.

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