Some email programs or corporate firewalls can block an email from being delivered. As the deliverability rate is very high from our IP address, the best way to ensure that emails are to use the tips & tricks below to avoid your email being flagged as spam:

  1. Include high quality content

  2. Avoid all caps

  3. Include a message >300 words

  4. Avoid symbols, special characters, and emojis

  5. Include both words and images, not just images.

  6. Add [email protected] to your address book

  7. Try sending a test email to your Gmail account or someone else's Gmail account. Gmail has one of the toughest consumer spam filters out there!

For our corporate customers: if you're getting blocked by corporate firewalls or spam filters, you can reach out to IT support and ask them to whitelist,, and [email protected]. Corporate firewalls can be a little tricky, so we're happy to help navigate that on your behalf.

If all else fails, use your personal or corporate email to send the event website link directly to attendees!

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