You can upload any JPEG, JPG, PNG or GIF file to your site. To optimize load time, we recommend your file to be 1MB max. Any image files over this size will slow down your website. To re-size your image file, click here to access a free image resizing tool.

We recommend:

  • Banners - at least 1600x1000px at 72DPI. The banner size doesn't need a fixed aspect ratio, but if you'd like the image to maintain a fixed aspect ratio, we recommend adding a full-width image.

  • Images - at least 250 pixels and set to display at 100% width on any device. Please note: images that are not a fixed aspect ratio will appear differently depending on the width of the device.

If you need to edit the image, go to the Website Editor and click on the image. Then, select Edit Image to crop, rotate, and stylise the image directly in the editor.

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