There are a number of ways to personalize and brand your EventCreate site with images, including your event website, email, and social share images. Below are suggested image specs for the most commonly updated images on EventCreate.

You can upload any JPEG, JPG, PNG or GIF file to your site. To optimize load time, we recommend your file to be 2MB max. Any image files over this size will slow down your website.

We recommend:

  • Banner / hero image - 1600x1000px, 72DPI

    • Doesn't require a fixed aspect ratio, but we recommend adding a full-width image if you'd like the image to maintain a fixed aspect ratio

  • Registration header - 1600x500px

  • Email logo - 300x400px or 400x400px

  • Email main image - 1000px wide

  • Social share image - 1200x630px, 1mb

  • Favicon - 16x16 px, PNG or ICO only

  • Calendar event thumbnail - 1200x630px, 1mb

If you need to edit the image, go to the Website Editor and click on the image. Then, select Edit Image to crop, rotate, and stylize the image directly in the editor.

If you need to resize any image files prior to uploading, click here to access a free image resizing tool.

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