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How to add or edit a navigation menu
How to add or edit a navigation menu
Written by Mark Bushy
Updated over a week ago

You can add a Navigation Menu the same way you would add a section to your page.


1. Click on Website under the Setup heading and select Edit Website:

2. Once in Website Editor, press the "+" icon" at the top of the page to add a Navigation Menu:

3. Choose which layout option you prefer:

4. To edit your Navigation Menu links, click on the link and edit the content in the pop up box:

5. To add a new link, select the "+" icon to add a blank link:

6. A pop up box will appear, where you can edit the name of the link and select where you want to set up the link (another website or another section on your site). First edit the Text name, then select the button link:

7. Save Website and, once saved, test the link by clicking on "Preview Website as a Guest" and clicking on your newly added Navigation Menu link.

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