You can add a Navigation Menu the same way you would add a section to your page.


Step 1: On the Event Dashboard on the left, click on Website.

Step 2: Select Edit Website.

Step 3: Once in Website Editor, by pressing the “+”, you can add different sections, including a Navigation Menu at the top.

Step 4: Select Navigation Menu.

Step 5: Select Layout option.

Step 6: Save Website.

To edit your Navigation Menu or to add a a new link, follow these steps:


Step 1: Now go to the Navigation Menu and select + icon to add a new link.

Step 2: Click on Edit.

Step 2: A pop up box will appear, where you can edit the name of the link and select where you want to set up the link (another website or another section on your site). First edit the Text name, then select the button link.

Please note: The sections are automatically named based on the section type you added. There is a short preview of your text to help you map the correct section.

Step 3: Save Website

Step 4: Once saved, test the link by clicking on "Preview Website as a Guest" and clicking on your newly added Navigation Menu link.

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