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How can I optimize my website to be mobile-friendly?
How can I optimize my website to be mobile-friendly?

Improve how your website looks on phones and tablets.

Written by Mark Bushy
Updated over a week ago

The website created on our platform is mobile-friendly. However, there are some design choices you can make to ensure that your website is viewed similarly on all mobile phones or tablets. Here are some tips to ensure that your site is optimized for a phone, tablet, and web browser:

Use "Standard Images" not "Background Images"

Because background images don't have a fixed aspect ratio, they can be cropped on phones and devices. If you don't want the photo to be cropped, simply convert the photo a standard image.

Use Recommended Image Sizes

  • For banners: use images at least 1600x1000px (ideally 2400x1600px) at 72DPI (max 1mb). If you’d like the image to use a fixed aspect ratio, I’d recommend adding a full-width image.

  • For images: use images that at least 250 pixels and set to display at 100% width on any device.

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