Duplicating your event is a time-saving feature in EventCreate, especially if you plan to host recurring or similar events. By duplicating an existing event, you copy over the following design and set up choices:

  • Registration Type

  • Registration Setup

  • Ticket Setup

  • Custom Form Questions

  • Registration Confirmation

  • Currency

  • Social Share Image

  • Stripe Setup


1. To duplicate your event, go into your event, then click on Manage Event from your Event Dashboard menu:

You can also access the Manage Event screen from your My Events screen:

2. Then, click on “Duplicate Your Event” to make a copy of your event page:

Your duplicated event will be listed as Original Event Name - copy:

To distinguish between your original event and your duplicated event, we recommend making a few edits on your duplicated event:

  • Edit the Event Name

    Go to your Event Dashboard, click on Event Details, edit the Title and Event Details as needed, then click Update Details to Save.

  • Edit the Registration Page Header

    Go to your Event Dashboard, click on Registration, click on the Design tab and edit the Registration Heading and Description as needed, then click Update to Save.

  • Edit the EventCreate URL

    Go to your Event Dashboard, click on Link/URL, click on the URL tab and edit the EventCreate URL as needed, then click Update URL to save.

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