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How to add a collaborator
How to add a collaborator
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1. To add a collaborator, go to your Event Dashboard, click on the Profile drop down menu, and choose Manage Account.

2. Next, add your Organization's name to the Organizations tab. When you add your collaborators, the organization name will be prominent in the invitation email.

3. Then, choose the Collaborators tab to add your team.

There are four roles within EventCreate: Owner, Admin, Co-Planner, and Report Viewer.

  • Owner - primary account holder with full access

  • Admin - can view/edit billing details and payout information and can add/remove other collaborators

  • Co-Planner - can create, edit, and delete events

  • Report Viewer - can access dashboard reports only

4. Next, click New Collaborator, add their email address and password. We'll send an invitational email to their account to join your team.

5. Your collaborator will need to click the Accept Invite button in the invitation email to be added to your team. They will be prompted to create an account if they do not have one already or they will be able to add your Organization to their existing account.

If a collaborator does not respond to or receive your invitation, you can re-send their invitation email under the Collaborators tab.

If a collaborator no longer needs access to EventCreate or has left your organization, you can revoke their access under the Collaborators tab.

Please note: adding collaborators is a feature of our Enterprise accounts only.

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