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Can I collect proof of COVID-19 vaccination through EventCreate?
Can I collect proof of COVID-19 vaccination through EventCreate?
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To collect provide proof of vaccination from your guests before they attend your event, add a custom question to your registration form.

Please note: This feature is only available on any of our paid plans. To upgrade, go to:


Step 1: Go to your Event Dashboard, then click Registration under the Setup heading.

Step 2: Click on Form Questions tab.

Step 3: Click on the Add Custom Question button.

Step 4: Add your question details (ie: Please upload your vaccination card) and choose how to collect the information. Choose image uploader for photos or document uploader for scans.

Step 5: Check if “Response Required” and which attendee type or ticket type to whom the question applies. Make sure to check all attendee types or ticket types applicable.

Note: if you add additional ticket type(s) after you set up the custom form, come back to this form and check the box to have this question appear for your additional ticket type(s).

Step 6: Save Question

Step 7: Once added, you will now see the custom question show up during the ticket registration process.

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