What is the difference between a Registrant and Attendee?

March 1, 2021

When you are setting up the Registration for your event, you have the option to collect data from the Registrant, Attendee or both.

Under Registration>Advanced, there is a Data Collection option below:

The standard recommended option is to select to “Collect info from Attendees”

The difference between a Registrant and an Attendee is defined below:

A registrant is the person that is registering for the event. An attendee is the one attending the event. If you are registering for yourself and your partner. You are the registrant and you and your partner are the attendees. A registrant could be the same person attending or could also not be attending at all. For example, an assistant could be registering for the event for their boss. In this case, the assistant will be the registrant and the boss is the attendee.